We have many hunting areas available to us around the country, depending on what your target species is, we will customise a Safari to ensure you have the best opportunities available to you. Hunting for Water Buffalo is conducted in the Northern Territory on one of several concessions we have available. International visitors will generally fly into Brisbane or Sydney and then join a connecting flight to Darwin, it is recommended that you spend at least one night in Darwin to relax and unwind if you have spent a couple of days travelling before you begin your Safari. Depending on the concession we will be hunting, we will either collect you from Darwin, or a Bus can be arranged to take you from Darwin to either Kathrine or Mataranka where we will collect you and begin your Safari. Our Australian Visitors can either fly into Darwin as above, or if you wish to take your own vehicle, we will make arrangements to meet you at an appropriate location and take you into the hunting concession.
Hunting in Western Queensland is conducted on Australian Outfitters privately owned game reserve. Here we have available to us most of the game animals Australia has to offer. Our International Visitors will catch a domestic flight to Barcaldine airport where you will be collected and taken directly to Hotspur Lodge. Our Australian visitors can fly directly to Barcaldine where you will be collected or if you choose to drive we will give you directions to the Lodge.
If time is short or you want to reduce your travel time some of our hunting locations have dirt airstrips where charter flights could be arrange directly to our hunting concessions.

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